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Be at the forefront of tracking technology development. TracPlus Labs gives you early access to our latest innovations, letting you test new features before anyone else. Your feedback will help us refine these technologies to better meet your needs.

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TracPlus Labs is where ideas take flight. It's a space dedicated to exploring the potential of new technologies, testing groundbreaking features, and refining our innovations with real-world feedback. By joining TracPlus Labs, you're not just getting early access to our latest developments—you're helping to shape the future of tracking technology.

Upcoming Innovations:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Compatibility: Imagine using your personal devices, like smartphones or Spidertracks, seamlessly integrated with the TracPlus platform for effortless tracking. We're making it a reality, offering unparalleled flexibility in how you monitor your assets.

  • Advanced ADS-B Integration: Get ready for enhanced situational awareness with our sophisticated ADS-B integration. This development promises real-time air traffic data at your fingertips, transforming how you manage your aerial operations.

  • Smart Analytics: Dive deeper into your data with our smart analytics feature, designed to provide actionable insights and optimize your operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Communication Tools: Stay connected like never before with our upcoming suite of communication tools, ensuring your team is always informed, no matter where they are.

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What our customers say

“The live tracking provided by TracPlus helps us to ensure safe distances are achieved between helicopters and drones, while also giving great situational awareness of all operations in the region.”

“TracPlus has changed the reporting of intelligence completely. It registers the exact location of where we pick up water, and how many litres we’re picking up. It’s tracking us to and from the fire. That way, the command centre can see how effective we are as it determines what our turn around times are.”

"The fact that we can monitor exactly where our park rangers are and what they’re doing means we can always respond with the necessary assistance they may need."