This 30-minute webinar is your one-stop shop for learning all you need to know about the RockSTAR personnel tracking device:

  • How to set-up and use the RockSTAR
  • RockSTAR’s main features and functionalities
  • Bonus expert insights

The RockSTAR is a handheld tracking device designed with portability and ease-of-use in mind.

It is one of the most trusted, robust and reliable devices used by remote workers operating outside of cellular coverage.

With satellite tracking and communication capabilities, RockSTAR ensures your team is always connected, even in the most remote locations. If safety and connection is a priority for you and your team - then RockSTAR is the smart choice.

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Meet the presenter:



Stefan Pedersen

Head of Training - Tracplus

Stefan Pedersen is the Head of Training at TracPlus. TracPlus is the trusted real-time tracking and communication platform for fire authorities, first responders, and other critical operators around the world.